How Does Tamiflu Work?


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Also known as Oseltamivir, Tamiflu works by blocking the activities of the virus of influenza, thus inhibiting its growth. It helps to lessen the symptoms of flu and shorten the recovery time for infected people. It may also be used to prevent flu in an area with flu outbreak or if a person has had contact with an infected person, as stated by WebMD.

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Tamiflu should be used as advised by a doctor or as directed on the label. The drug is taken by mouth with milk or food to prevent the occurrence of stomach upsets. It is advisable to start using Tamiflu within 2 days after the appearance of flu symptoms, as stated by Drugs. To recover from the symptoms of flu, a person is advised to take the drug after every 12 hours for at least 5 days. To avoid contracting flu, one can take Tamiflu once a day for 10 days. However, Tamiflu should not be used as a flu vaccine substitute.

The use of Tamiflu may lead to several side effects, including shaking, speech problems, seizures, confusion and hallucinations. People with kidney disease, weak immune response, heart disease and hereditary fructose intolerance should consult a doctor prior to using the drug.

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