How Do You Get Taller With Surgery?


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Some patients, such as a man profiled in 2012 by ABC News, can undergo a painful leg-lengthening surgery that involves breaking leg bones to allow surgeons to insert tiny rods that pull the bones apart for several days. As the legs heal, new bones, muscles and tissues grow over the gap.

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Patients must have either their lower legs or thighs broken to get an increased height of 3 to 4 inches, states Height Lengthening, a Californian surgery clinic. The clinic differentiates between leg lengthening surgeries for cosmetic reasons and surgeries done to correct physical deformities, such as leg discrepancies, dwarfism or bone infections, in adults and children.

Recovery can take a long time, with an estimated 36 days per centimeter of growth, MedlinePlus reports. The legs need special pins and screws to hold the bones in place, and those pins can remain for up to a year. Patients must undergo physical therapy while healing. Bone-lengthening surgeries are completely successful about 40 percent of the time with a high rate of complications arising.

The recovery process is extremely painful and can take several months, often done without anti-inflammatory painkillers that may prohibit bone growth, states The Week. People who correct their height through surgery often are suffering from height dysphoria, according to The Week. Unable to reconcile themselves to their adult heights and experiencing severe depression symptoms, they turn to surgery.

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