How Do You Know If You Are Talking to a Romance Scammer?


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Some signs you are communicating with a potential romance scammer include poor grammar, obvious displays of wealth and excuses for not being able to meet up. Requests to borrow money are another red flag.

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Frequent errors in grammar, misspellings and strange sentence phrasing are all likely signs of an online romance scammer. Many of these individuals are from foreign countries, and English is not their first language. While they may claim to be college educated, their writing often reads like someone who is learning to speak English. Be wary when an individual’s grammatical mistakes go far beyond a few typos or misspellings.

Online scammers also frequently make extravagant displays of wealth in their profile pictures. Expensive cars, lavish mansions and pictures of exotic foreign settings are all common. These presentations of wealth are part of a scammer’s eventual ploy for money. By showing off fake images of their wealth, they attempt to convince you that you are merely loaning them money that they can easily pay back.

Finally, the inability to meet up in person is one of the most obvious signs of a scammer. Since they commonly operate in foreign countries and present false images of themselves, in-person meetings are impossible for most scammers. They often make fake plans to travel to the United States and then come up with excuses at the last minute.

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