What Is T2 Hyperintensity?


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A T2 hyperintensity is a lesion that shows up as a bright spot on a T2-weighted MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging scan. T2-weighted scans are part of monitoring and diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and other disorders, along with gadolinium enhancement and T1-weighted scans, as stated by About.com.

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Hyperintensities on both T1- and T2-weighted MRI scans have a number of possible causes. Problems such as risk of cognitive decline, stroke, depression and a drop in physical functions all have had connections with these lesions. The link between the lesions and the problems has not yet been determined, so medical researchers do not yet know if the lesions cause the problems or are just a sign that the problem is present, according to About.com.

T2 hyperintensities often show up in places that doctors would expect if a reduction in blood flow was the problem, but there is disagreement about how that reduction would take place. Some view the lesions as signs of tiny strokes that never led to wider symptoms. People who suffer from high blood pressure, drink alcohol to excess or who smoke are all at an elevated risk of developing these lesions. Healthy diet and a regular exercise program diminish the risk of these spots showing up, notes About.com.

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