What Is T-Wave Inversion?


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A T-wave inversion indicates the presence of many cardiac and noncardiac issues. The American Heart Association states that T-wave inversions are found in children, but generally they are not seen in healthy adults.

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There have been many studies done looking at the link between T-wave inversion and episodes of cardiac arrhythmia. T-waves are the most labile waveforms on the ECG, according to ECG Learning Center. The presence of a T-wave inversion in a healthy adult is an early warning sign of a heart problem.

Students studying at the ECG Learning Center of Utah are shown different ECGs with the inverted T-waves and the different diagnoses made from them. These ECGs help diagnose diseases from myocardial ischemia to a prolapsed mitral valve. This makes the T-wave inversion a reliable warning sign in adults.

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