What Does a Syphilis Infection in a Female Look Like?

In women, syphilis initially causes the development of sores called chancres on the inner parts of the vagina or the outer genitals, according to WebMD. These sores are typically painless and can also occur inside the vagina or on the cervix within 10 to 90 days of exposure to syphilis.

In its second stage syphilis causes a rash on the body, including the soles of the feet and palms of the hands, according to WebMD. The rash features small reddish brown raised or flat sores. Syphilis then enters its hidden stage that can be from 1 to 20 years in length. No symptoms are experienced during the latent phase. During its later, or tertiary stage, syphilis can cause gummata, or large sores on the skin or inside the body, among other symptoms.