Which Syndrome Is Characterized by the XO Chromosome Abnormality?


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The syndrome that is characterized by the XO chromosome abnormality is Turner syndrome, according to Palomar University. This syndrome usually affects girls, and is sometimes detectable prior to birth. Complications vary between cases, but can include heart conditions, low oocyte production and kidney problems.

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Turner syndrome arises when the fetus inherits just one X chromosome. This may arise because there is a fault in the sperm or oocyte, because of cell division problems during early development, or in some cases the fetus may inherit another X chromosome that features a little Y chromosome material. In some instances, an ultrasound reveals the signs of Turner syndrome. This includes abnormal amounts of amniotic fluid in various locations, and heart and kidney abnormalities. However, in many cases Turner syndrome becomes apparent following the birth.

The complications associated with Turner syndrome can vary depending on the cause. For example, the small number with two X chromosomes and a little Y have strong female characteristics, but are at increased risk of gonadoblastoma. Common complications associated with Turner syndrome include low oocyte production, short stature and learning disabilities. In some cases, heart defects like aortic valve stenosis, hearing loss, kidney problems causing high blood pressure, an underactive thyroid and visual problems arise. There are multiple support groups available, including the Human Growth Foundation and MAGIC Foundation.

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