What Are Symptoms of Uterine and Bladder Prolapse?


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An advanced uterine or bladder prolapse may cause discomfort, pressure, urine leakage, frequent urination, moist discharge or urinary tract infections, according to Drugs.com. Mild cases, however, do not usually cause symptoms.

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The discomfort that a woman feels with a prolapsed uterus or bladder may occur in the lower back, lower abdomen, groin, pelvis or vagina, states Drugs.com. This symptom is often described as an aching or pulling sensation, and it sometimes worsens during menstruation or intercourse.

Another symptom that some women experience is moist, pink tissue bulging from the vagina, notes Drugs.com. The tissue could become irritated, causing itching or small, bleeding sores. Other women may experience difficulty with bowel movements and the need to push their fingers against the skin around the vagina, into the vagina or into the rectum to urinate or have bowel movements.

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