What Are Some Symptoms of Urethritis in Women?


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Symptoms of urethritis in women are similar to those of a bladder infection and may include painful urination, the frequent need to urinate, pain during sex and a feeling that the bladder is never fully empty, according to Summit Medical Group. Other symptoms include discharge from the vagina and pain or itching, even when the patient isn't urinating, lists WebMD.

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If urethritis is caused by an infection such as gonorrhea, yeast infection or chlamydia, symptoms should decline within several days of starting antibiotics, confirms Summit Medical Group. If urethritis in an older woman is caused by a lack of estrogen leading to thinning and drying of the urethra, the patient should feel some relief after several days or weeks of taking estrogen for postmenopausal changes.

A health care professional diagnoses urethritis by taking an inventory of symptoms, asking about potential irritants, and asking about the patient's recent sexual activity, according to Summit Medical Group. Doctors have a more difficult time determining urethritis causes in women than in men. The doctor may check for signs of thinning and drying or swab the area to check for bacterial infection. The urethra may be red or swollen, but there is rarely discharge from the urethral opening. Women can prevent future urethritis by avoiding tight or wet clothing around the genital area, practicing good vaginal hygiene, wearing cotton underwear and avoiding chemicals that irritate the genital area.

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