What Are the Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes?


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Symptoms of Type 2 diabetes include elevated levels of hunger and thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, and blurred vision, as stated by Mayo Clinic. Symptoms frequently take a long time to present, and some people have this disease for years without knowing it.

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What Are the Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes?
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As the Type 2 diabetes causes excess blood to build up in the bloodstream, the body responds by sending fluid out of the tissues. As a result, the patient feels unusually thirsty and often drinks (and urinates) more frequently than the norm. Because the sugar remains in the bloodstream rather than providing energy to the cells, organs and muscles do not have the energy they need to function normally. Severe hunger is often the result, according to Mayo Clinic.

Even though eating may increase, many undiagnosed Type 2 diabetics encounter weight loss. Excess sugar leaves the body in the urine, and the body is left to rely on fuels stored in fat and muscles to perform basic functioning. As the energy crisis worsens, the patient often becomes irritable and tired because if fatigue, reports Mayo Clinic.

In some cases, excess blood sugar leads to fluid draining from the eye lenses, which often hinders the ability to focus. In other cases, patients have a harder time with healing wounds and fighting infections. Velvety, dark skin shows up on the neck and in the armpits of some Type 2 diabetics. People with any of these symptoms should seek medical attention, notes Mayo Clinic.

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