What Are the Symptoms of a Tumor of the Bladder?


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Symptoms of a tumor in the bladder include blood in urine, painful urination, frequent urination, back pain and pelvic pain, according to Mayo Clinic. The patient may also feel the urge to urinate but be unable to pass urine.

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The most common symptom of bladder cancer or a tumor in the bladder is blood or blood clots in the urine, explains WebMD. This condition is known as hematuria, and it occurs in eight or nine out of 10 patients who suffer from bladder cancer. Blood may be visible to the patient, and the urine may appear bright red or cola-colored. Sometimes the urine appears normal, and the doctor has to conduct a microscopic exam to detect blood. Other symptoms include urinating small amounts frequently and frequent urinary tract infections.

Symptoms of advanced bladder cancer include weight loss, anemia and swelling in the lower legs, reports WebMD. The patient may experience flank pain in the lower back around the kidneys due to obstruction of urine flow from the kidney by the growing tumor, reports MedicineNet.com. He may also have a pelvic mass near the bladder and bone pain or pain in the pelvic, anal and rectal area. In some cases, patients may experience symptoms such as a distended bladder due to obstruction of the bladder neck by the tumor.

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