What Are Some Symptoms of a Tubal Ligation Pregnancy?


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The symptoms of tubal ligation pregnancy include low back ache, one-sided pelvic cramping, pelvic pain, severe lower abdominal pain and excessive bleeding from the vagina, according to MedlinePlus. Other symptoms may include intense rectal pressure, hypotension, shoulder pain and fainting.

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Tubal ligation pregnancy is a life-threatening pregnancy abnormality in which the human embryo fails to reach the uterus due to obstruction in the fallopian tube, resulting in implantation of the embryo in the tube, notes MedlinePlus. It is also known as ectopic pregnancy or tubal pregnancy. Though rarely, the implantation may also occur in the cervix, ovary or abdomen. The causes of tubal ligation pregnancy include scarring due to ruptured appendix, previous tubal ligation pregnancy, endometriosis, and scarring due to previous female organ surgical procedure. However, the condition may occur without a clear cause.

Diagnosis of tubal ligation pregnancy involves a pelvic exam to detect pelvic tenderness; quantitative human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, test to determine the level of HCG in the blood; and pregnancy and vaginal ultrasound tests, states MedlinePlus. A woman diagnosed with tubal liagation pregnancy needs immediate treatment to avoid death. Treatment involves removing the misplaced embryo through surgical procedure or pregnancy termination medications. Most cases of tubal ligation pregnancy likely cannot be prevented, but women can take some steps to lower the risk, such as having protected sex and treating any sexually transmitted diseases early. Quitting smoking may also help to prevent the condition.

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