What Are Symptoms of a Trichomonas Infection?


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The symptoms of a trichomonas infection include itching of the private area, colorful discharge and painful urination, according to Everyday Health. A trichomonas infection causes a disease known as trichomoniasis, a sexually transmitted disease that rarely has symptoms. If an infection is suspected, it is important to seek a diagnosis from a qualified medical professional in order to begin treatment.

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The symptoms of trichomoniasis are relatively common in men but disappear naturally after some time, explains Everyday Health. In many cases, a man may experience a minor discharge, burning after ejaculation or urination, or have pain in the penis. In addition to irritation in the vaginal area, a woman with trichomoniasis may suffer painful sexual intercourse, a foul-smelling discharge or a little abdominal pain.

A foamy discharge is another symptom of trichomoniasis, Everyday Health reports. Additionally, yellow or greenish discharge may indicate that a person has the disease. In pregnant women who are infected, it may result in low birth weight or damage of the membranes that can lead to premature birth.

This disease may increase the risk of contracting HIV, according to Everyday Health. Antibiotics can treat the problem, but the patient needs to avoid intercourse during treatment. To prevent trichomoniasis, an individual should avoid sex or use condoms during intercourse, and cut down on the number of sexual partners. Additionally avoid sharing bathing suits, towels and underwear with a sick person, as this also helps to keep the problem away.

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