What Are the Symptoms and Treatment of Turner Syndrome?


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Symptoms of Turner syndrome, such as a collection of fluid around the back of the neck along with heart and kidney abnormalities, are often observable by ultrasound before a girl is born. Infants experience delayed growth, a weblike or wide neck and smaller-than-average height, according to Mayo Clinic.

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In some women and girls with Turnerメs syndrome, symptoms are not readily apparent. As the girl reaches the age of puberty, her body may not undergo the normal sexual changes. Some girls with Turnerメs syndrome experience learning disabilities. Most women with the condition are unable to conceive a baby without fertility treatment. Treatment for Turnerメs syndrome includes hormone therapy; growth hormones help to overcome the short stature common with the syndrome, explains Mayo Clinic. The patient receives hormone injections several times each week.

For the girl to enter puberty, estrogen therapy is usually required. The therapy helps her to achieve adult sexual development. Most women with Turnerメs syndrome continue with estrogen replacement therapy until they reach the age of menopause, reports Mayo Clinic. Most pregnancies with Turnerメs syndrome are high risk. In many women with the syndrome, the ovaries shut down prematurely. Some women require an egg or embryo donation to become pregnant.

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