What Are the Symptoms of Toxemia?


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According to WebMD, symptoms of toxemia, also referred to as preeclampsia, include headaches, weight gain due to excess fluid build-up, visual disturbances, nausea, vomiting and loss of balance. While a certain amount of swelling is common in pregnant women, toxemia causes rapid swelling of the face and hands. It is important for women to seek immediate medical treatment if they are experiencing symptoms, as preeclampsia can lead to severe complications.

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Mayo Clinic explains that additional symptoms of preeclampsia can include decreased urine flow, pain beneath the ribs, high levels of protein in the urine, breathing difficulties and low blood platelets. The condition also causes high blood pressure, so it is imperative for pregnant women to schedule regular prenatal doctor visits to ensure their blood pressure levels are healthy.

According to Healthline, toxemia typically occurs after the 20th week of pregnancy. The specific cause of the condition is not completely understood, but it may be linked to genetics and disorders of the blood vessels. Additional risk factors for toxemia include first pregnancies, becoming pregnant after 35 years of age, teen pregnancies and diabetes. Preeclampsia symptoms are treated with increased fluid intake, blood pressure medications and steroid injections. Complications of toxemia include liver damage and premature birth problems.

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