What Are the Symptoms of a Torn Meniscus?

symptoms-torn-meniscus Credit: David Leahy/The Image Bank/Getty Images

People who have a hard time straightening their knee all the way, a popping feeling in their knee, or any stiffness or swelling that feels like it's hindering movement of the joint have possible symptoms of a torn meniscus, notes Mayo Clinic. Medical attention is a must with these symptoms.

In many cases, doctors begin treatment by recommending rest, ice and anti-inflammatory medications. Rest includes avoiding activities that worsen the pain in the knee, particularly those that involve twisting the joints. If the pain is severe, patients often use a pair of crutches to remove pressure from the knee during movement and to facilitate healing, as stated by Mayo Clinic.

Using a frozen bag of vegetables, a cold pack or a cloth wrapped around ice cubes to ice the knee helps to cut down on swelling and pain. Icing the knee for 15 minutes at a time, four to six times a day in the first couple of days after the injury, brings significant relief. After those first few days, it helps to ice the joint as often as necessary to relieve pain, according to Mayo Clinic.

If rest and ice don't bring healing, the doctor often recommends physical therapy to build muscles supporting the knee, to provide stability and support. In some cases, surgery to trim or repair the tear in the meniscus is necessary, relates Mayo Clinic.