What Are the Symptoms of Thyroid Disorders in Women?


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Trembling hands, muscle weakness, light or short menstrual periods and weight loss, even with increased appetite, are symptoms of thyroid disorders, according to WebMD. Elevated blood pressure, heart palpitations, increased heart rate, excessive sweating and nervousness are additional symptoms. Increased frequency of bowel movements, sometimes accompanied by diarrhea, may also indicate thyroid problems.

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What Are the Symptoms of Thyroid Disorders in Women?
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In a person who has hypothyroidism, which is a deficiency in thyroid hormone, other symptoms may occur, reports WebMD. These include slower mental processes, lethargy and depression. Reduced heart rate, numbness or tingling in the hands and an increased sensitivity to cold are additional hypothyroid symptoms. Dry hair and skin, heavy periods and constipation are others.

When subacute thyroiditis develops, symptoms may include severe to mild pin in the thyroid gland and a thyroid that feels tender when touched. The person may also experience discomfort or pain when turning the head. Symptoms of subacute thyroiditis may appear shortly after a viral illness, such as measles, mumps or the flu.

Thyrotoxic crisis and myxedema coma are both medical emergencies associated with the thyroid, notes WebMD. Symptoms of thyrotoxic crisis include fever, delirium, agitation and a fast pulse. Symptoms of myxedema coma include lethargy and a feeling of extreme drowsiness and coldness.

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