What Are the Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer?


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Some symptoms of thyroid cancer include difficulty swallowing, a swollen lump on the neck, wheezing and a persistent cough that is not related to the cold. Thyroid cancer affects women three times more than it affects men, notes MedicineNet.

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Thyroid cancer develops when abnormal cells begin to grow in the thyroid gland, according to WebMD. The exact reasons why these cells develop is not yet known. As individuals grow older, their chance of getting this cancer increases. Other factors that increase the risks of having thyroid cancer include being of Asian ethnicity, exposure to high levels of radiation, a family history of the condition and other inherited medical conditions.

In certain cases of thyroid cancer, the patient may develop lumps or nodules in the front of the neck. The lymph nodes may enlarge and a chronic cough develops. Other symptoms associated with this condition include soreness, pain in the neck, change in voice patterns and difficulty in breathing.

Doctors often begin diagnosis by taking the patient's history and inquiring about any other medical conditions. A physical examination of the vocal cords and other imaging tests may also be used. Surgery, chemotherapy, external radiation therapy and thyroid hormone treatment are options available for treatment, notes MedicineNet.

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