What Are Some Symptoms of a Throat Allergy?


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Some symptoms of a throat allergy are irritation in the throat, excessive swallowing, coughing, and a sense of rawness or scratchiness in the throat, states Healthline. Sneezing, a stuffy nose, dryness in the throat and congestion are also present, reports Everyday Health.

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What Are Some Symptoms of a Throat Allergy?
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Symptoms of a throat allergy occur primarily due to postnasal drip, says Healthline. This occurs when congestion runs down the throat, causing a tickling or raw sensation. Because of this, there is irritation in throat and coughing, and the individual tends to swallow more.

In a throat allergy, the allergens enter the sufferer's respiratory system, which makes the individual's throat feel scratchy. Sometimes the eyes become watery, and rashes may also develop. Additionally, the stuffiness in the nose causes the sufferer to breathe through the mouth, which makes the mouth and throat feel dry, explains Everyday Health.

Unlike with sore throat symptoms caused by viral infections, fever and body aches are absent in throat allergies, says Healthline. Also, the symptoms peak seasonally, such as during the spring season when the amount of airborne allergens are high, and symptoms occur because the body reacts to the presence of allergens rather than viruses. Normally, the symptoms last for many weeks, notes Everyday Health.

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