What Are Some Symptoms of Thigh Muscle Strain?

Thigh muscle strain symptoms include muscle pain and tenderness, swelling around the muscle, muscle discoloration and a decrease in function of the muscle, according to Drugs.com. Additional symptoms include difficulty walking or a pop in the muscle at the time of injury.

Thigh muscle pain or tenderness typically occurs during times of flexing or moving the muscle. In severe muscle strains, the muscle looses all function, explains Drugs.com. There is also the possibility of a gap, dent or other abnormal defect in the normal shape of the thigh muscle.

Muscle strains are diagnosed using a grading system: Grade I, Grade II or Grade III. The grading system determines the severity of the muscle strain and the appropriate treatment. For a Grade I thigh muscle strain, the patient may experience muscle tenderness and slight decrease in function, and may only need to rest for a day or two. Additionally, ice to reduce the swelling, a compress with an athletic bandage and elevation of the leg may be beneficial for treating either a Grade I or Grade II muscle strain. Those suffering from a Grade III thigh muscle strain tend to experience complete loss of function and severe pain as the muscle has likely torn into two separate pieces or away from the tendon, states Drugs.com. The thigh muscle is typically discolored and abnormally shaped with gaps or dents.