What Are Some Symptoms of Tarlov Cysts?


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Some symptoms of Tarlov cysts include pain in the lower back, inability to empty the bladder, pain when sneezing, weakness of the legs and swelling over the sacral area of the spine. Tarlov cysts can sometimes be referred to as perineural cysts. The exact cause of these cysts is not yet known, notes Healthline.

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Tarlov cysts rarely cause symptoms, which is why in most cases they are never diagnosed. However, in cases that produce symptoms, doctors use imaging tests such as magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography to ascertain the condition. In a majority of cases these cysts do not need any treatment. The cysts may develop in more than one part of the spine, notes the Tarlov Cyst Disease Foundation.

The most predominant symptom of Tarlov cysts is painful sensations in different parts of the body. Individuals may feel pain after sitting or standing even for a short time. Pain may develop in the chest, upper back, neck and arms, depending on the area of the spine affected. In certain cases, individuals may feel weak in the legs or arms. These body parts may also sometimes experience cramping.

Some individuals may experience headaches and soreness. Other symptoms associated with this condition include sexual dysfunction, the feeling of sitting on hard surfaces, dizziness and restless leg syndrome. Draining of the fluid in the cyst and surgical procedures to remove them are two of the most common treatment options.

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