What Are Some Symptoms of a Swollen Stomach?


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Some symptoms of a swollen stomach include a bigger abdomen, nausea, and fever, as stated by Healthline. Severe cases can cause diarrhea and blood in the stool. In some cases of stomach swelling, it is difficult to eat or drink for a long time.

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Also known as a swollen belly or distended abdomen, a swollen stomach occurs when the stomach becomes larger than normal. It is a common problem and has several potential causes. The common causes include gas and overeating and others include ovarian cyst, uterine fibroids, partial bowel blockage, irritable bowel syndrome and pregnancy, states MedlinePlus.

This condition can be eased using home treatment measures including eating smaller meals, eating slowly, avoiding foods and drinks that cause gas and avoiding dairy products, notes Healthline. Having a bed rest and limiting sodium intake helps to reduce excess fluids in the stomach. Decreasing emotional stress and increasing fiber intake help to control a swollen belly.

Some cases may need medical examination and treatment to clear up. A doctor suggests diuretics if home treatment measures fail to work. Diuretics support the kidney to get rid of the fluid that is causing distention. In cases whereby an infection develops in the ascitic fluid, a doctor recommends treatment using antibiotics, states Healthline.

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