What Are the Symptoms of Sun Poisoning?

What Are the Symptoms of Sun Poisoning?

Some symptoms of sun poisoning include blistering, swelling, redness of the skin and dehydration. Sun poisoning refers to a condition in which the sun's ultraviolet rays damage the skin, notes MedicineNet.

Individuals that are exposed to too much sunlight are at risk of suffering severe sunburn or sun poisoning. To avoid this condition, be sure to use a quality sunscreen when going outdoors.

Wearing clothing suitable for the season may be a good way to avoid this condition. Sunglasses, a hat and clothes that shield the skin from ultraviolet ray penetration help reduce the risk during hot summer days. In most cases, sun poisoning occurs between 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Limit exposure to the sun during this period, states WebMD.

An individual who has suffered from severe sunburn is likely to feel confused and dehydrated. The individual may develop a headache and fever. Other symptoms likely to occur include feeling dizzy, nausea, pain and tingling.

To manage this condition, the individual should immediately move indoors or under shade. Taking cool showers will significantly reduce symptoms. Due to dehydration, the individual should drink extra water over the next couple of days. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen are effective for sun poisoning pain.