What Are the Symptoms of a Stroke in a Woman?


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Symptoms of stroke that are unique to women include chest pain, breathing difficulties, abrupt queasiness and facial pain that comes on suddenly, explains Healthline. Women may also experience sudden heart palpitations and hiccups. Stroke symptoms that occur in both men and women include blurred vision, confusion and coordination problems.

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What Are the Symptoms of a Stroke in a Woman?
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Additional signs of stroke in women include numbness or weakness of the facial, arm or leg muscles that typically only affects one side of the body, speaking difficulties, and sudden vertigo, explains Memorial Care Health System. Approximately 60 percent of strokes experienced by females turn out to be fatal, so it is imperative for women to understand their risk factors. Stroke risk factors in women include cigarette smoking, family history of the condition, high blood pressure and excessive stress.

Women over the age of 35 who take birth control pills are also at increased risk for stroke, explains the Office on Women's Health. Women who are at higher risk of having strokes may be able to prevent the condition by maintaining a healthy body weight and managing high blood pressure with medication. It is also important for women to have their cholesterol levels assessed and treat the condition if necessary, as excess cholesterol can cause blockages that hinder blood circulation to the brain and increase the chances of stroke occurrence.

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