What Are Some Symptoms of Stress Seizures?

What Are Some Symptoms of Stress Seizures?

Some symptoms of stress seizures include tunnel vision, temporary blindness and a tingling sensation in the skin. Anyone regardless of age and gender can experience seizures, notes the Epilepsy Foundation.

Seizures caused by stress are often categorized as nonepileptic seizures. They usually appear suddenly during moments of great emotional distress, notes WebMD. Individuals with nonepileptic seizures may exhibit different symptoms, with most cases reporting just a single symptom. Medical experts believe stress triggers seizures by releasing certain hormones that affect the brain. Stress also leads to sleeping problems, and this can trigger seizures.

A common symptom relating to stress seizures is a temporary loss of vision. In some cases, individuals can only see objects that are straight ahead. Some individuals experience a sudden loss of smell. Even when close to a prominent smell, they won't detect it. The sense of touch may be impaired in certain cases.

Nonepileptic seizures can cause poor bodily coordination or jerky movements. The patient's head, neck and spine may bend backwards. In some cases, patients may start crying or screaming. During an attack, they may bite the tip of the tongue.

Getting enough sleep and managing stress is key to dealing with stress-related seizures. Counseling and medication may be helpful.