What Are Some Symptoms of Stomach and Intestinal Cancer?


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Symptoms of stomach cancer include fatigue, feeling bloated after eating, stomach pain, persistent vomiting, and severe heartburn or indigestion, states Mayo Clinic. Symptoms of intestinal cancer include abdominal pain, unexplained weight loss, bloody or tarry stools, fatigue, and a lump in the abdomen, explains Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

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The cause of stomach cancer is unknown, but studies show a high incidence of stomach cancer among individuals who have a diet that is high in smoked, pickled and salted foods, states Mayo Clinic. Types of stomach cancer include cancer that begins in the immune system or lymphoma, cancer that begins in glandular cells or adenocarcinoma, cancer that begins in hormone-producing cells or carcinoid cancer, and cancer that begins in the nervous system or gastrointestinal stromal tumor. Typically, stomach cancer refers to adenocarcinoma, as the other forms of stomach cancer are rare.

Intestinal cancer most commonly occurs with no known hereditary link; however, there are many types of inherited conditions that lead to a higher risk of intestinal cancer, states Cancer Treatment Centers of America. One type of inherited condition is Lynch syndrome or hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer. Another hereditary intestinal cancer is familial adenomatous polyposis. Many lifestyle choices increase the risk for intestinal cancer development, including smoking, alcohol use, diet and chemical exposure.

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