What Are the Symptoms of Stage 3B Lung Cancer?

The symptoms of stage 3B lung cancer include a persistent cough, a change in a smoker's cough, trouble breathing, shortness of breath, pain in the chest area, a wheezing sound when breathing, hoarseness of voice, headache, bone pain and unexplained weight loss, according to Healthline. Dr. Lynne Eldridge explains tumors at this stage may cause patients to cough up blood, have difficulty swallowing, and back and rib pain.

Stage 3B lung cancer is marked by cancer cells and tumors in the lymph nodes above the collar bone or in lymph nodes on the opposite side of the chest from the original lung cancer tumor, according to Healthline. Parts or all of a lung may collapse or become inflamed during stage 3B. Dr. Eldridge explains that tumors may also spread into the esophagus and heart. The American Cancer Society reveals that stage 3B lung cancer cannot be completely removed by surgery, and treatment options include chemotherapy, radiation and clinical trials for new drugs.

Stage 3 lung cancer is the advanced stage during which one-third of all lung cancer patients are diagnosed with the disease. Healthline notes that lung cancer kills more Americans every year than breast, prostate and colon cancers combined. The five-year survival rates of patients with stage 3B lung cancer are between 3 and 7 percent.