What Are the Symptoms of Stage 3 Breast Cancer?


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Some symptoms of stage 3 breast cancer include tenderness in or around the nipple and discharge, according to the Nation Breast Cancer Foundation. A change in the texture or appearance of the skin is also a symptom.

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Other signs and symptoms of breast cancer include a noticeable lump in the breast or near the underarm area. Dimpling on the breast or shrinkage of the breast are also indicators that cancer might be present. Most women with breast cancer do not experience all of the symptoms, and some may not have any symptoms at all.

Stage 3 breast cancer usually consists of cancer that has spread to neighboring lymph nodes. The stage of breast cancer determines how it is treated.

Only a doctor can diagnose breast cancer after specific tests are performed. Clinical exams and mammograms are typically the first tests administered when a doctor suspects breast cancer. If those tests reveal cancer might be present, an MRI or breast biopsy may be required. A biopsy is the best way to determine whether cancer is present. If cancer is in the breast, treatment may include surgery to remove the cancer, radiation or chemotherapy. Sometimes, a combination of treatments are used to try to rid the body of cancer.

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