What Are the Symptoms of Stage 1 Lung Cancer?

Some of the most common symptoms of stage 1 lung cancer include persistent coughing, chest pain, hoarseness, weight loss, shortness of breath and fatigue, according to Cancer.org. Chronic bronchitis, pneumonia or other infections are also symptoms that may indicate stage 1 lung cancer, particularly if the infections do not go away or continue to recur.

Many forms of lung cancer do not cause symptoms until having spread too far to be effectively cured, according to Cancer.org. Symptoms such as bone pain, nervous system changes, jaundice and unidentified lumps near the surface of the skin may indicate that cancer has spread to distant organs in the body. Nervous system changes can include problems with balance or seizures and typically indicate cancer spreading to the spinal cord or brain. Jaundice may occur when lung cancer spreads to the liver, and unidentified lumps may indicate cancer spreading to the lymph nodes or skin.

Some forms of lung cancer cause specific symptoms, according to Cancer.org. For example, Pancoast tumors are caused by a type of cancer that affects the top of the lungs, causing damage to a nerve passing through the upper chest to the neck. Symptoms of this form of cancer can include severe shoulder pain and drooping of a single eyelid, a condition called Horner syndrome.