What Are Some Symptoms of Spleen Problems?


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Some of the most common symptoms of an enlarged spleen, which occurs as a result of numerous spleen conditions, include a feeling of fullness after eating very little, pain in the abdomen, fatigue, anemia, frequent infections and easy bleeding. Mayo Clinic states that many cases of an enlarged spleen exhibit no symptoms and are only detected through an examination.

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MedlinePlus lists an enlarged spleen and a ruptured spleen as the two primary spleen problems. While an enlarged spleen can be caused by conditions ranging from mononucleosis and infections to certain cancers, a ruptured spleen is a medical emergency that requires immediate medical attention. It occurs when an outside force such as a blow to the abdomen causes the spleen to tear, and symptoms include lightheadedness, confusion and pain or tenderness in the upper left abdomen, according to Mayo Clinic.

The spleen is a fist-sized organ located above the stomach and under the ribs on the left side of the abdomen, and it is part of the lymphatic system that fights infections. A spleen that is excessively damaged may need to be removed through surgery. Although the body can function without a spleen as the liver takes over, it loses some of its ability to fight infections. Mayo Clinic urges individuals to contact a medical professional if they exhibit symptoms of an enlarged spleen or sustain an injury to the left side of the body.

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