What Are Some Symptoms for Spinal Bone Cancer?


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The symptoms of spinal bone cancer, or metastatic spinal tumor, includes back pain and neurological issues such as numbness or tingling in the legs or arms, according to Spine-Health. Aching pain in the bones, pain that runs down the legs or arms, and pain with movement are also symptoms.

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What Are Some Symptoms for Spinal Bone Cancer?
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It is important to note that most instances of back pain have no relation at all to metastatic spinal tumors, and not all tumors cause symptoms, advises Spine-Health. Back pain associated with spinal tumors is typically worse at night or directly upon waking, although some people exhibit no symptoms at all.

When neurological symptoms including numbness, tingling, or weakness in the legs or arms develops as a result of tumors in the spine, the onset of these symptoms is within a few weeks or months after the back pain begins, notes Spine-Health. The pain felt in the back is severe and generally not relieved after rest or use of pain medication.

Local inflammation caused by tumor growth can lead to aching pains in the bones, according to Spine-Health. The pain can be sufficient to wake up a sleeping person. It can also be radicular pain that makes its way along the nerve pathways. This type of pain is described as shooting or burning. Pain may worsen with movement or be exacerbated by standing or sitting.

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