What Are Some Symptoms of Skin Diseases Caused by Fungal Infections?

Symptoms of athlete's foot, which is a common condition due to a fungal infection, include peeling, redness, itching and burning on the foot, according to WebMD. Blisters and sores also develop in some cases of athlete's foot.

Jock itch is another mildly contagious condition due to fungal infection, WebMD says. Its symptoms include itching or burning in the groin and thigh area. Those affected develop a circular, red rash that has elevated edges. Skin that peels or flakes off is another symptom of jock itch.

Ringworm results from fungal infections, WebMD claims. Symptoms start as a flat, scaly section of skin that itches, Mayo Clinic explains. As it spreads, it forms a raised border that expands into a circular ring. Symptoms that last longer than two weeks require medical attention.

Tinea versicolor is another common fungal infection of the skin, Mayo Clinic notes. It most commonly affects teenagers and young adults, and its symptoms include small, discolored patches of skin that are either lighter or darker in color than the skin around them. They most commonly show up on the shoulders and trunk, and exposure to the sun makes the patches of skin more apparent. The condition is not contagious. It occurs most often in warm, humid weather. Treatments include medicated creams and shampoos, but even with treatment, symptoms take weeks or months to disappear.