What Are Some Symptoms of Skin Dermatitis?


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Symptoms of skin dermatitis usually include an itchy rash and swollen, red skin, according to Mayo Clinic. There are many types of dermatitis, with the most common being atopic dermatitis, or eczema, contact dermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis.

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Atopic dermatitis usually occurs behind the knees, inside the elbows, in the front of the neck and anywhere else where the skin flexes, states Mayo Clinic. It is a red, itchy rash, and it may leak fluid or become crusty when itched.

Contact dermatitis is when the skin touches an allergen or an irritant such as poison ivy or poison oak, notes Mayo Clinic. The rash associated with contact dermatitis also may include blisters, and it may burn, itch or sting.

Seborrheic dermatitis usually occurs on the face, back, upper chest and other oily areas, according to Mayo Clinic. It is usually characterized by red skin, persistent dandruff and scaly patches. The condition may come and go, and it may continue for an extensive period of time.

It is important to seek medical assistance if dermatitis makes it difficult to perform regular activities or if the condition causes sleeping problems, recommends Mayo Clinic. If an infection occurs or if home treatments and remedies are not effective, it is a good idea to speak to a physician.

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