What Are the Symptoms of Skin Cancer?


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Skin cancer symptoms include moles that change in size, color or texture; flat lesions with a crusted surface; and a pearly, waxy bump. There are several different types of skin cancer, and each presents with a slightly different set of symptoms, as stated by Mayo Clinic.

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What Are the Symptoms of Skin Cancer?
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Basal cell carcinoma is a type of skin cancer showing up on the face and neck, as well as other areas of the body with exposure to the sun. It shows up as a waxy, pearly bump or a flat, brown or flesh-colored lesion that looks like a scar, notes Mayo Clinic.

Squamous cell carcinoma also appears on areas of the body that are exposed to the sun, such as the hands, ears and face. People with darker skin can also develop on parts of the body that are not exposed to the sun. It appears as a flat lesion with a crusted or scaly surface or as a red, firm nodule, according to Mayo Clinic.

Melanoma can show up at any place on the body, either on skin that was normal or in a mole that transforms into cancer. On men, it most often appears on the trunk on face, while in women, it shows up most frequently on the lower legs. Symptoms include a large brown spot with darker spots, a mole that bleeds or changes in texture, size or color; a series of lesions on the toes, fingertips, soles and palms, as well as on mucus membranes in the nose, mouth, anus and vagina, states Mayo Clinic.

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