What Do the Symptoms Shortness of Breath and Yawning Mean?

Shortness of breath and yawning may indicate a range of treatable ailments, such as stress and fatigue, as stated by the Medical Hypotheses, or in extreme cases may point to diseases that affect the lungs, such as ALS, according to the ALS Association. People experiencing these symptoms without relief should contact a physician for further support.

Stress and anxiety can cause the body to react physically, which includes rapid breathing with minimal oxygen intake, and may elicit yawns as a way to slow down the breath to replenish the oxygen intake, as noted by the Calm Clinic. Additionally, fatigue could also be the culprit of yawning, and although not much is known, yawning and tiredness are strongly correlated. Lastly, diseases such as ALS that affect respiration, produce symptoms such as shortness of breath, yawning and the feeling that not enough air can be respired, as stated by the ALS Association. People experiencing these symptoms in a way that disrupts their daily life, or are experiencing pain should seek immediate medical attention.