What Are the Symptoms of Seizures in Adults?


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There are six different types of generalized seizures in adults that have a number of symptoms including loss of muscle tone, stiffness and loss of consciousness, reports WebMD. Other symptoms include convulsions and jerky movements.

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Absence seizures are one type of seizure, though they are more common in children, according to WebMD. These seizures usually have no symptoms except a brief loss of time or staring into space. Myoclonic seizures are another type and symptoms include sporadic jerks on both sides of the body. Theses seizures can be violet with the victim involuntarily dropping or throwing objects. Clonic seizures are often rhythmic, repetitive jerking movements on both sides of the body simultaneously.

Tonic seizures are another type of seizure and are known by the stiffening of muscles that occurs, explains WebMD. A seizure that consists of a loss of muscle tone, particularly in the legs and arms, is known as an atonic seizure. Typically these seizures result in the person falling. A person may also experience a partial seizure where he may be aware of the seizure occurring, but cannot stop it.

Many times seizures can be treated with drugs, or drugs can lessen the number of times a seizure may occur, claims WebMD. Surgery is also a treatment option for some patients.

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