What Are the Symptoms of Sciatia?


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Some symptoms of sciatica include tingling, a shooting pain that makes it difficult to stand up and pain on one side of the rear. Sciatica is a term used to refer to nerve pain from the sciatic nerve, notes MedicineNet.

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Injuries, herniated disc of the lumbar and a narrowing of the spinal canal are some things that may cause sciatica. Having a degenerative arthritis condition, being involved in an accident and lumbar spine or disc conditions are some of the risk factors associated with this condition.

Individuals with this condition may develop a painful sensation in certain body parts, including the legs, hips, buttocks and lumbar region. In severe cases, individuals affected may have difficulty in walking. Changing positions while sitting may partially bring relief. Often this condition only affects one side of the lower body, notes WebMD.

Doctors often take medical histories and carry out a physical examination to determine the condition. Imaging tests are used to further examine the extent and exact location of the issue affecting the patient. Physical therapy that involves certain exercises and bed rest are among the most effective treatment options for individuals with sciatica. In severe cases that cause extreme symptoms, surgery may be used.

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