What Are the Symptoms of Scabies?


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Symptoms of scabies include severe itching of the skin that often occurs at night, bumpy rashes on the skin and skin sores, explains the American Academy of Dermatology. Individuals with a severe form of the condition, often referred to as Norwegian scabies, may also develop crusted patches on the skin.

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What Are the Symptoms of Scabies?
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Individuals with scabies may also develop raised, white or flesh-colored lines on the skin, explains Healthline. The lines occur when the scabies mites burrow themselves beneath the skin surface. Scabies infestations occur when a minuscule insect called a human itch mite is passed from person to person via close contact or contact with infected fabrics such as clothing or bed sheets. The mites mate on the surface of the skin. Once the mites have successfully mated, the female mites burrow beneath the skin surface and proceed to lay eggs. When the eggs beneath the skin mature and hatch, new scabies mites make their way to the skin surface.

Scabies infestations are typically treated with cream medications that work to eradicate both the scabies mites and their unhatched eggs, explains the Mayo Clinic. The creams are usually applied to the entire body and left on the skin for at least eight hours at a time. In certain cases, oral medications may also be prescribed for individuals with compromised immune systems and for those who do not respond to topical treatments.

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