What Are the Symptoms of Rotavirus?


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Generally, rotavirus symptoms include fever, vomiting and three to eight days of watery diarrhea, explains Mayo Clinic. In some cases, rotavirus can cause abdominal pain as well. However, healthy adults who contract the virus may experience no symptoms or very mild symptoms.

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It is important to contact a physician if a child has severe or bloody diarrhea, vomits frequently or vomits for more than three hours, has signs or dehydration or seems lethargic, notes Mayo Clinic. Some signs of dehydration include dry mouth, crying without the presence of tears, little to no urination and excessive sleepiness. It is imperative to consult a physician if an adult cannot keep fluids down for 24 hours, vomits blood or vomits for more than one or two days, has blood in the stool or shows signs of dehydration. Signs of dehydration in adults include excessive thirst, extreme weakness, dry mouth, little or no urination, dizziness and feeling light-headed. Contact a physician for adults and children who have a temperature of more than 103 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rotavirus can be present in a person's stool up to 10 days after symptoms of the virus are gone, according to Mayo Clinic. Additionally, the virus is also present in the stool days before symptoms appear. During this time period, the virus is spread easily by hand-to-mouth contact.

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