What Are the Symptoms of Renal Failure?


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Symptoms of kidney failure include any changes in urination, swelling of the extremities, skin rashes and ammonia breath, according to the National Kidney Center. Other symptoms are nausea, vomiting, fatigue, trouble concentrating and feeling cold.

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Changes in any aspect of urination, such as frequency, volume or color, can be an indicator of kidney failure, reports the National Kidney Center. Difficulty urinating, bloody urine or foamy urine are other symptoms. When the kidneys are unable to remove extra fluid from the body, swelling of the hands, feet or face can occur. Rashes or intense itching may occur, as the body is no longer able to remove toxins efficiently. The vomiting and nausea associated with kidney failure are also a result of excess toxins in the body. If the kidney has developed cysts, back or side pain may result from the swelling.

Kidney failure decreases the amount of red blood cells the body produces, adds the National Kidney Center. This secondary condition, called anemia, causes the affected individual to feel cold and out of breath because of the lack of oxygen carried through the body. Kidney failure contributes to this issue by increasing fluid buildup in the lungs and limiting the amount of oxygen absorbed. Fatigue, dizziness and difficulty concentrating may result.

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