What Are the Symptoms of PTSD?


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The symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder include intrusive memories, avoidance, change in emotional reactions, mood changes and hyperarousal. PTSD is an anxiety condition that people experience after witnessing or living in dangerous conditions/events. Fear is normal when facing dangerous situations since it prepares a person to handle the situation but in PTSD, this reaction is damaged, thus making a person very frightened even when not in danger.

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The intrusive symptoms that one may experience include nightmares, flashbacks, upsetting images and distressing thoughts. These symptoms can be triggered by thoughts, feelings, words, objects and other things that remind a person of the event. Avoidance symptoms include lack of interest in activities, guilt and depression, staying away from people, events and places and facing trouble remembering the event.

People with the disorder may also be very anxious, and are usually easily startled. They are also always conscious of threats around them. This condition leads to anger eruptions, poor concentration and sleeping problems.

A person of any age can be affected with PTSD. This includes soldiers and survivors of disasters, accidents, abuse and assault. Not all people who suffer from this disorder have had a direct experience of a dangerous situation. Some people get the disorder due to the danger experienced by a family member or a friend, as stated by NIH.

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