What Are Some Symptoms of Psychosis?


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Symptoms of psychosis in its early stage include anxiety, difficulty concentrating, depressed mood and suspiciousness, notes Healthline. Other symptoms include altered sleep patterns, including sleeping too much or not sleeping enough, ongoing unusual beliefs or thoughts and withdrawal from friends and family. Psychosis is a serious mental disorder, and people experiencing psychosis have disorganized emotions and thoughts that indicate they are out of touch with reality.

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In its later stage, symptoms of psychosis manifest as hallucinations and delusions, depression and anxiety, notes Healthline. Switching topics erratically when speaking and disorganized speech are additional symptoms. The person experiencing the psychosis may have difficulty functioning and may have suicidal thoughts or actions.

People with psychosis may see or hear things that are not there, which is called hallucinating. They may also have false thoughts known as delusions. Delusions often include the delusion of paranoia, where the person thinks that they are being followed or targeted. Another type of delusion is the delusion of grandeur where the person has an inflated sense of importance.

The cause of psychosis is not always known, although drug use, lack of sleep and environmental factors can trigger the condition. Illnesses such as stroke, dementia, HIV, brain tumors and Parkinson's disease can also cause psychosis.

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