Do Symptoms of Pregnancy Show up After 1 Week?

symptoms-pregnancy-show-up-after-1-week Credit: frankieleon/CC-BY 2.0

It is possible that some women can present pregnancy symptoms within a week of conception, according to the American Pregnancy Association. However, other women often do not have symptoms this early. Pregnancy signs can occur usually a few weeks after conception.

A couple of days after conception, some other pregnancy symptoms that can occur in some women are cramping and implantation bleeding. This may happen between 6 to 12 days after egg fertilization and the egg's attachment to the uterine wall, states WebMD.

For most women, some signs that they may be pregnant are a missed period and a vaginal discharge that is whitish in color. Some other early symptoms may include experiencing breast tenderness and fatigue. However, the way to be sure if a woman is pregnant is to perform a pregnancy test.