What Are the Symptoms for Pregnancy at Calendar Week 12?

According to What To Expect, a woman in week 12 of her pregnancy may experience excessive saliva, bloating, fatigue and an increased sense of smell. Occasional headaches, dizzy spells and increased vaginal discharge are also common symptoms of week 12. Pregnancy Corner adds that some women begin to notice the darkening of the areolae and freckles or spots on the body.

WebMD explains that women typically gain between 1.5 and 5 pounds by the 12th week of pregnancy. Some women also experience more energy by the end of the third month. Pregnancy Corner states the uterus is beginning to grow larger, making clothes fit tighter. Increased heartburn is also common at this stage in a woman's pregnancy.

Some women notice stretch marks beginning to form. WebMD advises creams and oils do not lessen the appearance of stretch marks but states that these unsightly lines fade over time. During the 12th week, the baby is forming vocal cords. The baby's facial features and finger and toe nails are becoming more defined. The brain and muscles are also rapidly developing. The baby weighs about a half-ounce and measures approximately 2.5-inches long. Her digestive system begins working and continues to develop until birth. WebMD states that the possibility of miscarriage decreases dramatically after week 12.