What Are the Symptoms of Pink Eye in Children?


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The symptoms of pink eye in children are redness, excessive tearing, a burning sensation and itching, reports WebMD and Kid's Health. These are also the same symptoms that adults with pink eye experience.

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Pink eye is not a serious eye condition and is common among kids and adults. Most cases of pink eye will resolve on their own between seven and ten days after the infection was contracted. However, the condition is contagious and spreads quickly, so children will most likely be sent home from school if they have pink eye and should stay away from other children at home, states WebMD. There are some forms of pink eye that will not go away on their own and require treatment, so it is always a good idea to bring a child with possible pink eye into the doctor's office for an examination.

Most of the time, children contract pink eye because they are exposed to other children with the infection or because they pick up infections from bacteria, have dry eyes due to wind or sun exposure or have allergies. They can also develop pink eye from smoke or chemicals, which is known as "chemical conjunctivitis." The good news is that pink eye does not cause permanent damage or vision problems, reports Kid's Health.

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