What Are Some Symptoms That a Person Is Drunk?


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While individuals may vary in the speed that signs of intoxication appear, most display poor coordination, reduced inhibitions, and smell of alcohol when a large amount is consumed, according to the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission. In addition, reflexes slow when an individual is intoxicated and the person may also need to make frequent bathroom trips.

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The signs of intoxication take varying amounts of time to exhibit, depending on the gender and size of the individual who is drinking. In general, the larger the person is, the longer it takes for signs of drinking to present. In addition, men require more time and alcohol to experience these symptoms, as noted by the TABC.

Once intoxication is noticeable, coordination becomes impaired. The individual may stand with feet wide apart or lean on walls for support. Speech is impaired likewise and the individual may slur his words. The TABC also states that inhibitions are lowered when a person is intoxicated, and individuals may also become easily excited, use profane language or laugh without apparent reason.

Intoxicated individuals can develop double vision and cope with this by covering or closing one eye. Eyes may become red or watery. Reflexes are affected by alcohol, and affected individuals may take a long time to answer questions, according to the TABC. Movements can be slow and deliberate, and there may be no reactions to startling actions. The smell of alcohol is usually on the breath of an intoxicated individual.

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