What Are Symptoms of Partial Seizures?


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Some symptoms of partial seizures include abnormal muscle contractions, staring spells, hallucinations, nausea and sweating. Seizures are usually caused by abnormal electrical disturbances in the brain, notes MedlinePlus. Partial seizures or focal seizures occur when the disturbances affect a limited region of the brain.

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Seizures of any kind can be caused by a variety of diseases, conditions or situations. Kidney failure, epilepsy, stroke, poisoning, extremely high blood pressure and heat stroke may all lead to seizures. Other things that may cause seizures include brain and head injuries, low blood sugar, withdrawal from a substance, congenital brain defects and brain infections such as meningitis.

Individuals affected by partial seizures may sometimes forget events before and after an attack. They may experience a rapid heart rate or pulse, abdominal pain or discomfort, movement of the eyes from one side to another and blackout spells. Other symptoms of partial seizures include changes in vision, mood changes, being unable to speak temporarily and dilated pupils.

It is fairly easy to diagnose a seizure after providing a description of what happened. Doctors may carry out various tests including patient history, physical examination and any other test necessary to determine the underlying cause of the seizure, notes, Healthline. To treat seizures, doctors usually focus on managing the underlying cause.

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