What Are the Symptoms of Ocular Melanoma?


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Symptoms of ocular melanoma include unusual spots on the eyeball, color changes, poor vision, pain and a bulging eye, according to MedlinePlus. Although it is rare, ocular melanoma is an aggressive cancer that can spread quickly.

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Some patients may not notice symptoms, MedlinePlus reports. Often, ocular cancer will look like a small defect on the eye or eyelid. Other signs that ocular melanoma may be present include redness or color changes in the iris.

Although it is rare, melanoma is the most common form eye tumor in adults, MedlinePlus states. Sun exposure puts patients at risk for ocular cancer, and people with fair skin and blue eyes are the most susceptible. Wearing sunglasses with UV protection can help prevent ocular melanoma.

Ocular melanoma can be cancer that has spread from the skin to the eye, MedlinePlus explains. It can also begin in the eye and spread to other parts of the body, primarily the liver. It most commonly occurs in the choroid, a layer of blood vessels that provides nutrients to the eye located between the retina and the sclera, the white of the eye. Ocular melanoma can also appear in other parts of the eye as well as the eyelid.

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