What Are the Symptoms of OCD in a Woman?


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Symptoms of OCD, or obsessive compulsive disorder, do not typically differ for men and women and primarily include feelings of anxiety, explains WebMD. People with OCD exhibit obsessive thoughts that include fear of dirt or germs, constant thinking of numbers, words and sounds and fear that harm may occur.

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What Are the Symptoms of OCD in a Woman?
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Individuals with OCD often obsess over order and neatness, have a constant need for approval and a heightened concern about hygiene or body smells, according to WebMD. Compulsive behaviors may include frequent hand washing or showering, a need to check doors, lights and appliances, constant ordering, cleaning or straightening objects and a desire to ask the same questions repeatedly. People with OCD may avoid public places, hoard objects, repeat certain physical activities and take extreme measures to prevent harm or tragedy.

Women and men with OCD may have a fear of contamination and avoid touching objects that are shared or shaking hands with people, explains the Mayo Clinic. They may also experience intense stress when objects or furniture are out of order or facing a certain way. People with OCD sometimes experience intense, constant thoughts about acting inappropriately or unpleasant sexual images. A strict, repetitive routine is a common characteristic of a person with OCD.

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