What Are Some Symptoms of Nose and Throat Cancer?


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Symptoms for nose and throat cancer include a sore throat, persistent cough, hoarseness, ear pain and difficulty swallowing, explains About.com. Symptoms depend on the specific type of cancer and where it originates in the nose or throat.

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Nasopharyngeal cancer occurs between the cavity just behind the nose and down to the upper pharynx, says About.com. Symptoms include coughing, sore throat, hearing loss and nosebleeds. Oropharyngeal cancer originates anywhere from the soft palate and tonsils to the back of the mouth. An individual with this cancer experiences difficulty swallowing, weight loss and ear pain in addition to a sore throat. An individual with pharyngeal or throat cancer and laryngeal cancer experience earaches and ear pain as well as hoarseness, voice changes, sore throat and persistent cough.

An individual who uses tobacco and alcohol and practices oral sex has a greater risk of developing nose and throat cancer, according to About.com. Oral sex is related to HPV infections, which in turn can increase chances of developing cancer of the throat. Other risk factors include poor oral hygiene and radiation and sun exposure. After determining if the symptoms point toward cancer using MRI, CT or PET scans and tissue biopsies, doctors treat patients using chemotherapy, surgery or radiation therapy.

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